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Master Artisan Commitment

Master Artisan Hardwood Flooring making the best effort to insure the unparalleled flooring quality. This warranty applies to the original purchaser of our product and the original site of installation only. Our warranties are not transferable. These limited warranties cover only approved applications as recommended by Master Artisan Hardwood Flooring and are effective on hardwood flooring purchased after August 10, 2016.

Who this warranty covers

The limited warranties described in this guide are subject to the product applications, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions described below and are effective for floors purchaser after august 10, 2016. All warranties run from the date of retail purchase for the applicable period described in this guide.

Pre-installation warranty

Either professional installer or buyer, check all flooring before installation, found problem of color, gross level and finish, you should not install the problem planks. Please immediately contact the dealer you buy flooring from. Flooring is a natural products, it is allows up to 5% problem about milling, scraped and finish, We will replace or refund the sell price for the conform-problem planks that in excess of the 5%.

25-years warranty to residential surface finish

Under residential conditions and with proper maintenance, we warrants to the original purchaser that the finish not to wear through or separate from flooring for 25 years from the date of retail purchase.

5-years warranty to commercial surface finish

Under commercial conditions and with proper maintenance, we warrants to the original purchaser that the finish not to wear through or separate from flooring for 5 years from the date of retail purchase.

Lifetime structural warranty

We warrants that the flooring will free from any structural failures as long as the original purchaser owns the home. The warranty apply to the original purchaser only.

What is not covered

This warranty does not cover damage arising from incorrect installation,maintain and use of the products. This warranty does not cover any damage if the floor is not originally purchased from our authorized dealer. We do not responsible for any promise that you get from dealer or installer. We do not responsible for cupping, arch cambering duo to excessive moisture.The installer or owner should inspect each board prior to installation, we do not accept any responsibility for the flooring after the flooring has been glued/stapled/nailed. We do not responsible for the insect infestation,color changes due to light exposure; we can not warrants to the naturally occurring wood characteristics: small knots, grain variations, fine cracks and so on.

How to install correctly

The correctly way of installation can be found at the website: www.nwfa.org

What you need to do

To retain your purchase invoice and make sure the flooring is properly installed in accordance with our installation instructions provided with the flooring.

What will we do

If any problem listed in this guide occurs within the warranty periods, we will repair of the defective area or replace the floor, at our option. If unable to deal the problem after a few attempts, we will refund the portion of the purchase price for the section of failed flooring. We also pay the labor cost up to $2.00 USD per square feet if the floors were installed by licensed professional installer. If the installer is non-licensed, we will pay the cost of replacement only. To confirm the problem, we reserve the right of inspect the floors or remove samples for technical analysis.